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Our Service Centre is open Monday to Friday between the hours of 08:00 – 18:00 CET. We usually respond within 24 hours. When you are expecting our answer for the first time, please don’t forget to check your spam folder. Otherwise, try calling us.

Reservations: +385 98 1361339


How can we help?

We do not respond to unsolicited offers. Email us only if you need information about our camp or your reservation.

    How to reach us


    You can reach the island of Pag by road from several directions because the island is connected to the land by ferry and by a bridge.

    If you are looking to avoid the ferry ride and reach Pag using a bridge, and you are coming from the direction of Zagreb, then you drive on the A1(highway) to the exit POSEDARJE from where the road signs will lead you to the island of Pag. You will then cross the bridge and just follow the main road all the way to the city of Novalja.

    If you are coming from the direction of Dalmatia then you also drive on the A1 to the exit POSEDARJE and you just continue to follow the road signs to the city of Novalja.


    You can reach the city of Novalja by regular bus services from Zagreb, Rijeka, and Zadar.

    Directions to campsite reception

    Below you can find latitude and longitude which you can enter into Google Maps or GPS. This is the exact location of the reception. Our mobile homes are very close to the entrance and reception, and you can park in front of your mobile home.

    Latitude: 44.538730
    Longitude: 14.885916

    Mobile home 1
    Latitude: 44.537523
    Longitude: 14.887028

    Mobile home 2
    Latitude: 44.537402
    Longitude: 14.886742