Someone is having a very merry ferry trip

You drove for hours, and just when you thought you can’t take it anymore you saw it! That blue piercing color with a bit of sparkle. All the yelling in the backseat, the traffic, the money you spent before even arriving, the vignettes, the gas… it all faded.

Your kids are about to make their first ferry trip, and it’s very merry. Even you feel like a kid again, and buy a round of ice cream even though it’s May! Who cares, you are on a ferry, on your way to a great camp near an amazing beach. Good times ahead!

The ferry starts sailing in Prizna towards Žigljen (island Pag), and the trip is 15 minutes long (or should we say short). But it’s long enough to have a quick cup of coffee, or to eat ice cream. You will board ahead of time, maybe even 10 minutes, so there is enough time to find a seat and just enjoy the ride.

Other than that, if you arrive ahead of schedule, you can wait at the port and have fun feeding the fish. Speaking of schedule, below you can find the official ferry schedule for the year 2022 for the Jadrolinija Prizna – Žigljen and Žigljen – Prizna ferry.

Enjoy your ride, and see you at the camp!